Orientation Serves for Community Partners


This year Western University will be hosting our 7th annual OServes event on Saturday, September 9, 2023, from 1:00 – 4:00 pm! We are so excited for our students to collaborate with local not-for-profit organizations in the London community and immerse themselves in a day of volunteering and service.  

What is OServes?

  • OServes is a day for incoming, first-year students to immerse themselves in the London community for a day of volunteering  and learning about local organzations. 
  • This allows students to be engaged and connected to the London community and learn how they can make a positive impact.

Program Vision

Create experiential learning opportunities for students to engage with the London community, gain experience, and contribute to the work of social enterprises, non-profit organizations, and community groups during OWeek. The intention for 2023 will be to focus on in-person on-campus events.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Build meaningful connections with members of their student community
  • Foster meaningful connections with local non-profit organizations
  • Apply skills through experiential learning

Why your organization should participate

There are thousands of students expected to participate this year. It would be an excellent introduction to your organzation for incoming students and help more of them get involved throughout the year and in their upper years!

Interested in getting involved: CEL@uwo.ca

Need some inspiration?

Not sure how to engage students? Check out the infographic below that has a list of ideas that might give some inspiration for potential projects:


Accessible Transcript

Orientation Serves

There are many ways to engage Western Students in your work. Here are a few ideas!.

These are just examples, not an exhaustive list!

Creative Projects

  • Art murals, crafts, and art projects
  • Music and dance performances
  • Mini business case competitions

Community Outreach

  • Letter-writing campaigns
  • Kit preparation and assembly
  • Preparing and serving meals

Community Activities

  • Cleaning and organizational tasks
  • Gardening and tree planting
  • River and park clean-ups
  • Sports and games

Planning Support

  • Focus groups
  • Marketing/social media content development
  • Educational and brainstorming workshops

Still unsure how to engage students? Contact us & we can brainstorm together. CEL@uwo.ca

Email us at cel@uwo.ca to chat about how you can get involved!

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We're always available at cel@uwo.ca if you have any questions or want to chat about how you can get involved.