Orientation Serves for Community Partners

Students participating in OServes 2020, stuffing care kits for the London community.

This September, Western University’s incoming students are excited to work with your organization through Orientation Serves (OServes)! This annual Orientation Week event, now entering its fifth year, sees Western partner with local organizations to immerse students in the community for a day of volunteering and service.

This year's OServes event will take place on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

All volunteer activities will be hosted in-person at Western's campus, in the London community, or virtually. We are confident that OServes 2021 will allow students to get involved in the community in new and impactful ways that help advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

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What is OServes?

Western is committed to ensuring that students are engaged and connected to the London community. What better way to build bridges between students and your organization than starting on week one?

For students, the day of volunteering means an opportunity to connect with the London community and get to know their new home. They find out about the incredible things that you are doing in the region, which plants the seeds for further volunteering during their time here in London.

For community partners like you, the collaboration is an opportunity to engage a huge pool of volunteers. With thousands of students expected to participate, imagine what could be possible: you might check-off long-standing items on your to-do list, or create new and exciting programming that aligns with your goals in order to take advantage of the many helping hands.

We are here to help.

Not sure how to engage students? We have put together a list of ideas that might give some inspiration on potential projects. Most OServes activities can be easily adapted for both virtual or in-person delivery on Western's campus or in the community.

Whether you already have an incredible idea or are looking for some help with brainstorming, we would love to connect with you--fill out this form to contact us about OServes!

Need some inspiration?

Infographic of OServes activity examples. Please see accessible transcript below image on page.

Accessible Transcript

Orientation Serves

We hope you'll consider partnering with us for the fifth annual Orientation Serves on Saturday, September 11.

There are many ways to engage Western students. Here are a few ideas!

Creative Projects

  • Art murals, crafts, and art projects
  • Music and dance performances
  • Mini business case competitions

Community Outreach

  • Letter-writing campaigns
  • Kit preparation and assembly
  • Preparing and serving meals

Community Activities

  • Cleaning and organizational tasks
  • Gardening and tree planting
  • River and park clean-ups
  • Sports and games

Planning Support

  • Focus groups
  • Marketing/social media content development
  • Educational and brainstorming workshops

Most OServes activities can easily be adapted for both virtual or in-person delivery on Western's campus or in the London community.

Email us at orientationserves@uwo.ca to chat about how you can get involved!

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We're always available at orientationserves@uwo.ca if you have any questions or want to chat about how you can get involved.