Financial Information

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Program Cost

The costs of the 2019-2020 experiences can vary depending on location and the nature of the service involved. The program cost includes expenses such as travel (e.g., flights, trains, etc.), ground transportation to the airport, insurance, food, accommodation, registration, pre-departure training, Impact Serves, activity costs and administrative fees (team leader contribution, journal, team t-shirts).  

Program Costs 2019/2020

The cost for the program is stated as accurately as possible, but is subject to change.

Fall (Nov. Reading Week) Experiences:

Summer program cost

London, Ontario – Building the Forest City


London, Ontario – Community Connectedness


London, Ontario – Food Security


Spring(Feb. Reading Week) Experiences

Spring program cost

Costa Rica – The Mangrove Ecosystem


Dominican Republic – Island of Knowledge


Guatemala – Brewing Justice


London, Ontario - Food Security 


London, Ontario - Building the Forest City


Mississippi - Race and the Civil Rights Movement in the USA


Peru - A Community Above the Clouds 


Ecuador - Food Revolution 


Italy - The Environment and its Inhabitants


Summer (May) Experiences

Fall program cost

Bolivia - A Community that Works Together 


Colombia – Sport without Borders


Peru - A Community Above the Clouds 


Pine Ridge, South Dakota - Lakota Life


Thailand - The Rise of Alternative Tourism 


Funding Opportunities

There are a number of awards available to Western students participating in experiences such as Impact Experience. Please read the following options to check eligibility, deadlines, and for information on how to apply. If the deadline of the awards are on or before the deadline for your Impact Experience Application you are encouraged to apply for both at the same time.  If you have questions about these funding opportunities, or wish to learn more about how our office may support your global community engaged learning (CEL) experience, please contact us.

Fairmount Foundation International Learning Bursary

Full-time undergraduate students who have completed their first year (or more) of study and wish to participate in a Western sanctioned international learning experience, such as Impact Experience, can apply for the Fairmount Foundation International Learning Bursary. The award is valued at $1000 or $2000 and is based on financial need. Students must submit an award application, available on the Office of the Registrar website, by October 31 to be considered for 2019.

International Learning Award

Available to full-time undergraduate students who have completed first year, planning an international learning experience in the summer immediately following their first year of studies up until the end of April in their fourth year of studies. If you have a cumulative average of at least 70% with a full-time course load at the end of the most recently completed term, you will be eligible for a $1,000 award to help finance an international learning experience here.

Global Opportunities Award

Main campus Impact Experience participants are eligible to apply for Global Opportunities Awards offered through Western International. The detailed information regarding applying for Global Opportunities Awards can be found here. There are two application deadlines annually: November 15, with decisions being released mid-January; and February 15, with decisions being released early April.  

Please note: Students will not receive funding that exceeds the cost of their Impact Experience. Please review the eligibility requirements of all awards and take into account the cost of the Impact Experience when applying for funding.

Payment and Deadline

Fall program fees are due in one non-refundable installment on October 25, 2019

Spring and Summer program fees are due in two non-refundable installments:

  • $500 down-payment due by December 6, 2019; if program fees are under $500 full payment will be due. 
  • Final installment due by Friday, January 10, 2020 (Spring experiences)
  • Final installment due by Friday, February 14, 2020 (Summer experiences) 

The procedure follows the same steps as paying tuition. All students are required to submit their final payment to ensure their space in the program is reserved and officially accept their offer. If payment is not received by the deadline the student forfeits their space.

Payment will be accepted in the following ways:

  1. Cheque, made payable to Western University and dropped off at Student Central, 1120 WSSB
  2. Cheque, made payable to Western University and mailed to Student Financial Services, 1140 WSSB, Western University, London, ON N5A 3K7
  3. Internet banking - information on payment to Main Campus via Internet banking can be found here.

For students studying at affiliated colleges, to ensure your space you must make your payment to Main Campus.

All Impact Experience program fees are considered non-refundable because the program must submit non-refundable payments for transportation, insurance, and the program fees to our community partners.

Fee Breakdown

In general, your program fees are used to cover the cost of your transportation to the airport, transportation to location (flights and/or ground transportation), any registration fees with partner organizations, meals, accommodations, pre-departure sessions, insurance (trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage, health and emergency), team leader contributions, workbooks and t-shirts. Depending on the Impact Experience in which you participate, you may be required to bring some spending money with you for meals at the airport, to cover the cost of airport taxes, etc. A general breakdown of the costs associated with each experience can be found under "Locations".

Health Insurance

Part of the Impact Experience program fees includes a Youth Inclusive Policy for individuals 29 years of age or younger. The Coordinator will ensure that all students (where applicable) are covered by the youth policy that the program purchases. This ensures that if an emergency, canceled flight, etc. were to occur, the team leaders have the policy number for all participants. If students are over the age of 29, the Coordinator will work with the student and insurance provider to register with the Adult Inclusive Policy, but there will be additional costs to the student.