Trentino, Italy - The Environment and its Inhabitants

This program will take place in and around the Giudicarie Valley, a rural region with deep-rooted connection between the environment and its inhabitants, as well as traditions of community activism and voluntary work. The Guidicarie Valley’s distinctive history, which has been characterized by centuries of collective management of territory and political and cultural inclusion of a region’s three regional languages, earned Trentino special political and economic autonomy following WWII.   

This experience will allow you to explore this rich history, and its present-day challenges and opportunities, alongside local activists and innovators. Together, they will work to understand the complex relationship between ecology, identity and sustainability. Critically examine justice issues caused by climate change, poor resource management and destructive environmental practices. You will have the opportunity to engage with Trentino’s most innovative and sustainable business initiatives while co-imagining and developing place-based solutions.


Community Partners


Dates of Travel

Saturday, February 15, 2020 – Sunday February 23, 2020

Participant Numbers

  • 7 Student Participants
  • 1 Student Team Leader
  • 2 Team Leaders


*Note: this experience can accommodate up to 14 participants (including team leaders), assuming airline seats are available; however, this may mean additional participants pay an increased fee (based on new flight prices). 


  • Take a beginner's lesson in “Via Ferrata”
  • Explore captivating views while hiking the mountains region of Trentino
  • Visit the Prehistoric Heritage Lab at Fiave Pile Dwellings UNESCO World Heritage Site

Learning Outcomes

At the end of your Impact Experience you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate the ability to explore ideas, issues, and global systems from viewpoints other than your own, through reflective practice, group discussions and program activities
  • Work under conditions of ambiguity or uncertainty by engaging with community partners, community members and working as a team
  • Demonstrate an understanding of intercultural competence, sensitivity and humility by completing pre-departure workshops, activities in OWL and the Reflective Practice Workbook, and engaging in the 1-2 week community-based experience
  • Identify and describe the complex relationship between ecology, identity and sustainability
  • Critically examine justice issues caused by climate change, poor resources management and destructive environmental practices

Ideal Participant

You should be flexible, patient, open to a new culture, hard-working, and able to handle yourself professionally in delicate community situations. Please understand that Italy has a very different culture, history, cuisine, climate, and language.


Total cost (subject to change) – $3,800

Costs include:

  • Flight
  • Registration and programs fees with Amizade
  • Contribution to the project and comprehensive on-site support
  • Insurance (health, flight cancellation, baggage)
  • Transportation to/from airport
  • Transportation in Italy
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Administrative Fee (buff, team leader contribution, journal)

Note: Impact Experience participants will be responsible for any luggage costs assigned by individual airlines, airport tax, souvenirs, or additional food/snacks during the trip.

Preliminary Itinerary

Day 1-2 – you will fly into Milan and depart for Trentino by way of a private bus. You will be welcomed by our community partners and be introduced to the city you will call home for the next 8 days. You will go through a program orientation, visit the prehistoric heritage lab at Fiave Pile Dwellings UNESCO World Heritage Site and you will end each evening with reflection.

Day 3  - you will visit the historic heritage and sustainable agricultural lab at the Campo Castle Farm and enjoy this Historical Alpine Civilization Heritage at the Stenico Castle and Par Ieri community ethnographic collection.

Day 4-5 – will be mixed with hiking at the sustainable agriculture and food heritage hike at the DEGES farms along with volunteer work and association workshop at Pro-Loco and Societa degli Alpinisti Tridentini local sections.

Day 6 – will be a day of adventure, starting your day out with a refreshing hike at Tenno and Rifugio San Pietro alpine hut followed by a beginners “Via Ferrata” guided experience. 

Day 7 – you will start your day with a closing relfection before joining a group of young local volunteers for a trip to Riva del Garda.

Day 8 – you will start your journey back to Toronto with a private coach to Venice.  

*NOTE – Itinerary is subject to change at any point in time, as with all community driven experiences.


Amizade coordinates appropriate accommodations that reflect the atmosphere of the region. They do this by working with local partners and while in the Giudicarie Valley, you will stay in a modest hotel. 


A variety of meals will be offered. Some meals will be provided on site, and some will be at local restaurants, and will reflect a variety of local foods.

All group meals on program days are included, and you will be responsible for any meals during travel days as well as personal snacks.

Need to Know

  • This experience does not involve travel through the USA.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that you have the required travel documents and travel visas necessary to participate in the experience.
  • If you require disability related accommodation, or have other special considerations, we encourage you to contact us before applying. We may require further information to determine how we can best meet your accommodation needs.