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Impact Experience is open to all Western students, including undergrad, graduate, and affiliate students.

Applications for Fall (November Reading Week), Spring (February Reading week) and Summer (May) experiences will open September 3, 2019.

How to apply:

  1. Review the application questions and rubric
  2. Login to Western Connect
  3. Click on Impact Experience in the left menu, and then Application
  4. Click '2019/20- IEx – Impact Experience' to continue to the application.
  5. Complete the application form and click 'Submit Application'.
  6. You may review and edit your answers from the Application page.  When you are satisfied with your responses, click 'Accept' under the 'Actions Required By Me' box.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm a graduate student, can I be a team leader?

Graduate students are able to participate in the Impact Experience program as Team Leaders, Student Team Leaders and/or a participant.

If I'm an undergraduate student, can I be a team leader?

Team leader positions are reserved for Western faculty, staff and graduate students. If you are a student that has participated in this program (formerly called ASB) in the past or other community engaged learning experiences and have leadership experience, you are encouraged to apply for the role of Student Team Leader.

If I apply to be a student team leader, do I also have to apply to be a participant?

Applicants who are not selected for the student team leader role will be given enough time to apply as a student participant through Western Connect if they wish to be considered for a student participant opportunity.

How long is the Impact Experience?

Impact Experiences can vary in length, most will take place during either fall or spring reading week and will be 4 day - 9 day experiences, however summer experiences in May can vary in length. Please check each location for exact travel dates. It is important to note that the program begins with offers being sent out in late November and includes pre-departure sessions, team building activities and get-togethers, IMPACT Serves, post-Impact Experience workshop and concludes with an Impact Experience Showcase. Therefore, Impact Experience is a 6 month program, not just a one week experience.

Can my friend and I go on the Impact Experience together?

Individuals must apply and be selected for an Impact Experience. You and your friend are more than welcome to apply to the same experience, however due to the adjudication process and number of spaces available per trip, not every person who applies will be selected. We cannot guarantee that you will both be selected. Remember that meeting new people is part of what makes participating in the program so special.

I want to participate in the program, and cannot afford the fees. Is there any form of financial assistance?

We have a strong focus on program accessibility and this year, we are able to offer assistance through a number of awards in order to assist students with Impact Experience program fees. Please click on Financial Information to learn more about the awards that are available to students participating in Impact Experience. 

Is the Impact Experience Pre-Departure Workshops Series mandatory?

Yes, completing the Impact Experience Pre-Departure Workshop series is mandatory. Any participant that is unable to attend the Pre-Departure Workshops will not have Impact Experience verified on their Co-Curricular Record. No exceptions will be made. The Impact Experience Pre-Departure Workshops are designed to prepare participants for their experience. Participants will enjoy presentations about various issues, such as intercultural competency and community engaged learning, and dialogue with their peers about their hopes and fears regarding their experience. These workshops are a great way to get to know your teammates, ask questions about your experience, and begin to learn about the culture and community in which you are about to be immersed. Students are also expected to participate in team socials, Impact Serves, trip specific meetings prior to the experience, and in the Post-Impact Experience Workshop and the Impact Experience Showcase.

Am I responsible for any class conflicts prior to or after my experience? (exams, assignments, etc.)?

Impact Experiences should not conflict with any scheduled days of school. However, you are responsible for ensuring you are prepared in advance for any assignments and/or tests that are scheduled immediately before or after your experience.

Do I need health insurance for the Impact Experience program?

Your Impact Experiences program fees include a Youth Inclusive Policy for individuals 29 years of age or younger. The Coordinator will ensure that all students (where applicable) are covered by the youth policy that the program purchases. This ensures that if an emergency, canceled flight, etc. were to occur, the team leaders have the policy number for all participants. If students are over the age of 29, the Coordinator will work with the student and insurance provider to register with the Adult Inclusive Policy, but there will be additional costs to the student.

Can Huron, Brescia or King's students participate?

Students from the affiliate university colleges are eligible and encouraged to participate in an Impact Experience.

Will I receive academic credit or recognition for this program?

At this time, Impact Experience participants do not receive academic credit for completing the program. However, all participants of the Impact Experience program are eligible to receive recognition on their Co-Curricular Record, through Tier 3 Leadership Education Program and the Global and Intercultural Engagement Honour.

Do I need a passport to participate in the Impact Experience program?

Students participating in out-of-country experiences need a valid passport (this includes Mississippi and Pine Ridge). London participants will need government issued photo identification. International students should contact their respective embassy to inquire about documents required for international travel, as entry into certain countries may require an entry visa.

What kind of leadership is provided within the program?

Each Impact Experience will be facilitated by one or two faculty, staff and/or graduate students of Western University and one or two student team leader(s).  They will assist in the facilitation of each experience. All selected leaders participate in extensive training to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for the participants. Please note that team leaders are not chaperones; students selected to participate in an Impact Experience are responsible for any costs associated with their travel. If you are interested in either of these positions, please visit the Impact Experience application page.

I have participated in an Impact Experience at Western previously; can I apply again this year?

Students who have participated in the past ASB program are able to apply as a participant.  They may also consider applying as a student team leader.

What if I have read the entire website and still have a question?

Please forward these to They will be answered as promptly as possible.