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Community Engaged Learning Starts With You

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) partners with community organizations and leaders to address pressing societal challenges. Our commitment lies in fostering impactful, reciprocal, and sustainable partnerships.

We collaborate with you to align our program learning outcomes with your organization's objectives, ensuring a mutually advantageous relationship, while building capacity.

When Western students step outside of the classroom and engage with your organization, expect them to bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and valuable insights. They approach complex problems with creativity, shed light on critical issues, and infuse projects with hope and optimism. By tapping into this new talent pool, you have the opportunity to mentor and shape the next generation of community leaders.

CEL partners with
226+ community members across 124 organizations

CEL empowers students to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience

CEL courses at Western celebrate their
24th anniversary in 2023

             Partner with Western CEL to:

  • Recruit extraordinary volunteers and potential future employees
  • Build a strong connection to the university
  • Gain access to resources (ex. researchers, grants, space)
  • Bring new ideas and insights to your organization
  • Mentor students and contribute to their learning
  • Create greater community impact

Our commitment

Western CEL is committed to working with you to support the needs that you identify. Whether it is a single afternoon, or a long-term project, we offer a number of programs that connect you to the students you need, when you need them. Reach out to our team to find out how we can collaborate.

Connecting our students with your future

Undergraduate and graduate students bring fresh perspectives, creativity, awareness, knowledge, enthusiasm, and new networks to your community projects. Idealistic and open, they will work hand-in-hand with you on your defined needs. Collaborating with the next generation of leaders, innovators, and Mustangs, your organization will benefit from the finest talent pool that London, and the world, has to offer. 

Since the best student experience is not just limited to the classroom or the campus, our students are committed to working alongside the London community. By partnering with CEL, students can help you advance your organization’s mission and goals. Reach out today to get started on developing your opportunity, whether local or global, a few hours or a course, and we will work with you to match our best and brightest to your needs.

What our partners are saying

"This has been a great experience for us, and we look forward to working with another CEL student group to see how we can reproduce the positive aspects, ideas, and actions this group brought to our organization."


Access resources for in-person and virtual Community Engaged Learning