Students at the Ontario Archeology Museum

Mobilize your knowledge and address critical societal issues within local and global community organizations and not-for-profits. Engage in meaningful opportunities that help meet community-defined needs, while enhancing your learning, civic engagement, and personal and professional goals. Hands-on, practical experience and learning allow you to put your skills to use shaping the city and world you live in.

Earn course credit while engaging with the community

Bring your ideas & insights to an organization

Develop your network through community collaborations

Ways to engage


Curricular CEL integrates a placement and/or project into the requirements. Our campus offers 39+ CEL courses across various faculties and disciplines, engage with your community to earn your next credit!

Discover how you can earn credit in the community.


Co-Curricular CEL experiences allow students to participate in a variety of service-learning and volunteer roles within diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and geographic contexts.

Examples of opportunities include Impact Experience, Western Serves Network. Give back to London and the world, connect your skills and talents with our offerings.

Connect Locally

Our local network of over 226+ partners is here to help you get out of the Western bubble and into experiences that utilize your knowledge and skills to address community needs.

Whether one-hour of service volunteering with a not-for-profit, one-day commitments like O-Serves, or one-term projects, our London and surrounding community is here connect you with a network of community-minded individuals like you. Collaborate in London today.

Engage Globally (Impact Experience)

The world is out there. Make an impact and explore the global opportunities available to you. 

Connecting campus with distant communities needs through service, gain fresh perspectives, and increase your global awareness. Travel and add an international CEL experience to your time at Western. 

Get involved through co-curricular international opportunities such as an Impact Experience, or the many offerings provided by Western International

Discover how our students are engaging with communities in London and around the world.

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