Partner Spotlights: 

Participation House

Pillar Nonprofit Network

Ideal Way

Partner Highlights:

Cara Finn, Director of Economic Development for Middlesex County

“Middlesex County has been very pleased to participate in a broad range of Community Engaged Learning partnerships together with Western University.

We believe strongly in the mutual and long term benefits of this program. Working directly with students to advance their hands-on career experience while injecting our initiatives with fresh ideas has resulted in tremendous rewards for both institutions. 

We continue to work with professors and CEL staff to develop new and inventive projects for a variety of classes and are grateful for the opportunity.”

Dustin Carter, Middlesex-London Paramedic Service

“I have come to refer to the students I have worked through CEL as modern-day pioneers to the emergency health care system. Through their extraordinary work they have provided me a platform to raise awareness about this vulnerable patient population, and offer an innovative solution that would change how paramedic services deliver patient care.” | Read the media highlight related to this work.

Andrew Young, Community Mortgage Movement

“This opportunity has turned out to be quite transformative for the Community Mortgage Movement.  The students were very keen and motivated and everyone showcased their skills, ideas and explained how to implement the changes or how to enhance what we are doing now.  I have to say that I was very impressed on their preparedness, innovation and how far they took their ideas. The students were always punctual, in good spirits and were definitely engaged.  I thoroughly enjoyed the review of the website and marketing programs and there sometimes subtle and other times major overhauls of items.  They created deliverables and went above and beyond my expectations. Many of the ideas are being implemented as we speak. Outstanding work and thank you once again for the opportunity.” 

Melanie Stone, Women’s Sledge Hockey of Canada

“The group of students were very engaged with the work and took the time out of their schedules to visit our National team at the London Blizzard tournament. They learned more about sledge hockey, met our board and some of our athletes, and learned about some of our struggles. They also got to see their first game of sledge hockey. The final product that these students developed was very well done.”