Ideal way prensentation

In our partner's words

To hear students express continued interest in the future development and progression of the program and for a scholar to say: "thank you for everything I have learned from you as a mentor. If you will have me, I would love to remain involved." This says it all! We cannot say enough about the wonderfully positive experience this has been for our organization. The students rank among the most popular, dependable, consummate professionals to bless Ideal Way with volunteer services.

"To say we were impressed would be a masterpiece of an understatement"

What is the value of the CEL programming to IDEAL Way?

In partnering with CEL, Scholar's Elective students were instrumental in the development and success of Ideal Way's I can, You Can inclusive leadership education program for schools. This campaign empowers children and youth in schools to feel IDEAL - Included, Deserving, Equal, Appreciated, Loved and to believe in themselves as IDEAL champions for positive change.

What were some key takeaways for IDEAL Way?

  • Expanded student learning and engagement
  • Our students developed new skills, e.g. developing modules for a school program
  • Everyone learned to collaborate from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Students contributed to an ongoing program and initiative
  • They developed a foundation for their successors to build upon

What surprised you and your colleagues in partnering with CEL students?

  • We were most surprised with the incredible passion, professionalism, work ethic, and desire to contribute to the I Can, YOU Can program.
  • Students were granted freedom to exercise their own initiative, the results of which exceeded our expectations. 
  • The students possessed excellent communication skills 
  • Students input and development enhanced the overall program.

Why should other potential partners get involved?

Connecting London organizations and students, CEL is a wonderful way to engage students in meaningful experiential learning opportunities. It is a win-win for all!