Charity Sophs

2023 Charity Soph team

Passionate about supporting students’ community connections in their transition to Western?

Join the Charity Soph team!

Sophs are Western's orientation leaders who help welcome new students to campus. Charity Sophs volunteer their time as leaders, community role models, and mentors to help students connect with campus resources. The Sophing experience is unlike any other!

The decision to apply for the Charity Soph team extends beyond seeking a volunteering opportunity--it is a uniquely enriching leadership experience that impacts both incoming students and fellow Soph constituencies.

By joining the Charity Soph team, you'll cultivate in-demand transferable skills, including:

  • Leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Adaptability through unpredictable situations
  • Large group coordination
  • Interpersonal skills

Training equips team members to achieve these outcomes while managing their personal and academic commitments.

For Orientation 2024, the Charity Soph team will be instrumental in developing activities and supports for students through the Orientation Care Hubs and Orientation Serves, bringing the Western community together and creating a sense of belonging.

The Charity Soph team is comprised of:

  • Charity Head Soph (responsible for team building, Charity programming, and Care Hubs)
  • Community Engagement Coordinator (responsible for Orientation Serves)
  • Charity Programming Assistants
  • Charity Sophs

Applications for Charity Sophs are closed. 

Charity Soph Selection Guidelines

Position Description

Charity Soph

Job title: Charity Soph

Faculty/unit: Student Experience

Department: Careers & Experience

The nature of the role of a Soph may include situations where students or fellow Sophs disclose challenges, or exhibit behaviours such as thoughts of suicide, gender-based and sexual-violence, domestic violence, mental health concerns and self-harm. Sophs are responsible for listening and providing resources to students; they do not provide counselling. 

About Western

Since 1878, Western University has been committed to serving our communities through the pursuit of academic excellence and by providing students, faculty, and community members with life-long opportunities for intellectual, social, and cultural growth. We seek excellent students, faculty, and staff to join us in what has become known as the "Western experience" - an opportunity to contribute to a better world through the development of new knowledge, new abilities, new connections, and new ways to make a difference.

About Us

The mandate of the Student Experience portfolio is to encourage student engagement, support student success, and to enhance overall student life at Western. Student Experience encompasses various departments across three pillars: Wellness & Wellbeing, Sport & Recreation, and Leadership & Learning. Careers & Experience is part of the Leadership & Learning pillar, along with Academic Support & Engagement. The Student Experience portfolio operates together to create an environment where students can thrive and succeed. Student Experience also collaborates closely with the University Students’ Council, Society of Graduate Students, and other departments across campus.

The vision of Careers & Experience is for all Western graduates to have the skills and confidence to thoughtfully engage in communities and build a meaningful life and career.

Role Overview

As a Charity Soph, your role is to assist the Charity Head Soph, Charity Programming Assistants, and Community Engagement Coordinator in planning Orientation Care Hubs, Orientation Serves, and community-building initiatives for all Soph teams during the summer. Additionally, you will be responsible for executing these activities throughout Orientation Week.

Your primary objective as a Charity Soph is to connect incoming students and other Sophs with the Western & London community. This involves creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone involved. One way Charity Sophs will achieve this is by organizing Care Hubs, which provide a secure haven for incoming students and fellow Sophs to fulfill their various needs, including wayfinding, nourishment, and emotional support. These hubs are staffed by a team of staff and faculty, mental health experts and trained Charity Sophs who work together to foster a welcoming and safe orientation experience.

As a Charity Soph, you will also make a meaningful impact through Orientation Serves. This event allows students to give back to the community by volunteering for an afternoon. By participating in Orientation Serves, students can make a difference in the lives of others, while also getting to know their peers and building relationships.

Your role as a Charity Soph is critical to the success of Orientation Week and the well-being of incoming students. By prioritizing community-building and inclusivity, you can help create a positive and memorable experience for all.

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • A Charity Soph is responsible for providing robust community and social transition for new Western students by supporting Orientation Care Hubs, Orientation Serves, and community-building initiatives for all Soph teams.
  • A Charity Soph represents Student Experience, Western and the London community as a positive role model and active member of the community.
  • A Charity Soph acts as an observer of the community’s needs and connects resources or advocates on behalf of the community when necessary.

Primary Responsibilities

Team Development

  • Adhere to any Student Experience and Western policies, as well as decisions related to the Soph team’s activities.
  • Assist the Charity Leadership Team in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment amongst the Charity Soph Team and all Soph Constituencies.
  • Attend feedback 1-1s with the Leadership Team once over the summer.
  • Attend monthly Soph Team meetings hosted by the Charity Soph Leadership Team.

Orientation Week

  • Help execute an Orientation Week that facilitates a positive transition for all incoming students to Western University and provides students with the support they may need to be successful during the undergraduate term.
  • Enhance the Western community by promoting a sense of involvement and belonging within the Charity Soph team and incoming students.
  • Staff the Orientation Care Hubs and create low-profile programming that students can participate in while visiting the Care Hubs.
  • Promote Orientation Serves among different Soph Constituencies and to incoming students.
  • Hold a position on one of the Charity Soph subcommittees and participate by attending scheduled meetings that facilitate the planning and execution of events which contribute to the community.
  • Take part in program evaluations as requested.


  • Maintain consistent communication with the Charity Head Soph, Programming Assistants, Soph team and Soph partners throughout the term.
  • Support digital forums for connection within the Charity Soph team (i.e., official social media groups, OWL forums, mass emails, etc.).

Student Support

  • Collaborate with other student leaders within Student Experience, Western Housing, and the University Students’ Council to meet the communities’ needs.
  • Understand and use resources available for the support and assistance of students in need.
  • Adhere to all written and verbal protocols established by Western and Orientation program.
  • Facilitate a welcoming and safe space within Orientation Care Hubs and at Orientation Serves events.
  • Act quickly and use good judgment when dealing with incidents, including emergencies.
  • Adhere to expectations listed in the Reference Guide for emergency response.


  • Attend or complete any training sessions during your term as required by Student Experience and the Orientation Program.


  • A Charity Soph must be in London for in-person Soph training prior to the start of Orientation Week. They must also be present during Orientation Week 2024.
  • A Charity Soph must be dutifully enrolled as an undergraduate student registered at Western University for the 2024/25 academic year.
  • A Charity Soph must attain a 65% academic average in their course marks in the school year ending in April 2024.
    • Summer and intersession courses do not count toward the calculation of this average.
  • A Charity Soph is required to complete all components of mandatory training before assuming their Orientation duties. Those unable to complete component(s) of training may not be eligible to assume their role.
  • A Charity Soph should value differences in gender, culture, sexual identity, religious beliefs, and spirituality, among others, and demonstrate a willingness to create fair and accessible environments.
  • A Charity Soph should have effective group facilitation and team-building skills.
  • The nature of the role requires Charity Sophs to be flexible and able to critically assess problems that may arise. Problem-solving skills are fundamental to overall success in the role.


  • Charity Sophs report directly to the Experiential Learning Coordinator, Co-Curricular Programs and the Charity Leadership Team.
  • Additionally, Charity Sophs are expected to take direction from other senior collaborators in the Orientation Program.